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The program “Certified Commercial Practitioner, CCP”, had more than 500 agents graduated from it. At that time it was approved by the Florida DBPR for eight (8) continuing education hours.

The program was also developed in Spanish as “Programa de Certificación Comercial, PCC”, and was widely taught in Latin America. As of today, we have over 1,500 graduates from the program.

Certified Commercial Practitioner

$599 / 5 hr
  • CCP
  • The program was taught in South Florida and Puerto Rico having more than 100 agents graduated from it, and we name it “Certified Commercial Practitioner, CCP”.

Programa de Certificación Comercial

$599 / 5 hr
  • PCC
  • The program developed in Spanish as “Programa de Certificación Comercial, PCC”, widely taught in Latin America. As of today, we have over 1,000 graduates from the program.

JM Coaching has the program for you, the best guarantee training and coaching will guide you to the path of success

One Hour


The Four Way Package


/4 Sessions
Individual Module (1 to 3)


/4 Sessions
“The Four Way” + Module One


/6 Sessions
“The Four Way” + Module 1 + Module 2


/8 sessions
“The Four Way + Module 1 + Module 2, Module 3


/12 sessions
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Some of the frequent asked questions, if you have any other one please do not hesitate to contact me at

This is really a comprehensive program 5 days, 5 hours per day. It is intented for residencial agents who want to transition into commercial real estate, for residential agents who want to learn the terminology and be able to referr commercial bsuiness.

Also, It is suitable for commercial agents who have never had a formal commercial real estate education.

In the training section, you have the schedule to select and register.

We do not ask for any pre-requirements, since the program have been designed from ground “0” to a high level. We do have the proegram in English and in Spanish.

The recommendation is to take the CCP/PCC and then take the other specialty courses.

Even though we have a secure automatic payment, sometimes this happens. If you have any problem just contact us and we will get back to you with a solution.

Our programs (with the exception of the recorded videos available in the subscription section) are presented via Zoom, they are alive so you can interact during the course, by asking questions, sharing coments, etcs..